Packing Options

for Everyone

MFS Solutions offer a range of packing solutions and options to cover all types of move, customer preferences and budgets. These options can additionally be used in conjunction with any of the services that we provide. You will be given the option to select your required level of packing when placing your quotation


Our experienced staff will pack all your possessions including books, clothes, bedroom and kitchen contents, china, mirrors, ornaments, glass, pictures and garden tools prior to removal.

Certain items will be packed into extra strong cartons or will be packed using specialist materials as appropriate.



This option is for customers who prefer to do most of the packing themselves but prefer for us to look after breakables or valuable items.

We arrange with you for our packers to come along a day or two prior to your move to pack items such as mirrors, china, ornaments, glass and pictures or anything else that you may feel unsure about packing by yourself.



If you choose to pack everything yourself, MFS Solutions will provide the materials you need prior to your removal date.


Why Choose Us?

We provide an assembly and reassembly solution for any of the services that you are interested in, you are able to apply this option to your online quote, why not get a free quote today?

For a list of all of the materials we supply please contact us.

Assembly & Reassembly Option

Some furniture and bedroom furniture can be dismantled and moved in parts, while other furniture, such as large 3 seater sofas, may need a bit more planning and preparation in order to be moved.

If you had to take out the windows to get the large items into your home, then the chances are that you’ll have to take out the windows to remove them too. Obviously this requires careful planning and forward thinking, but when it comes to helping you move house, no problem is too big or too small for the MFS Solutions Removals team.


Excellent Packing Materials

We only use the best possible materials for packing. Here are just a selection of packing materials available for use:

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